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In this case, you only need an email to send the receipt.Credit card information or debit card information is stored within Messenger.

Is it Apple who’s pre-populating it or is it Facebook because I’m logged in to my Facebook account?

I want to know how a founder got here, what they do, what worked, what didn’t worked, what they learned from it.

The goal is so that you, the entrepreneur listening to me can go build a successful company based on what others have done that’s worked for them and that you can learn from them.

I kind of feel like it’s not exciting enough, possibly because people don’t see real money being made here.

I’m so happy to, again, highlight the fact that now we have this native payments on Messenger.


And as I look around, I see a lot of people chatting, often using chat apps that I don’t recognize, maybe because they’ve got skins on them or maybe because I don’t use every chat app, but I can’t help notice that chat is one of the most popular app types out there.

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