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Obviously then, if the 7th day of a period ends at sunset, then all the days of the period must end at sunset.The Week Marked Off by the Sabbath.—The week was divinely marked out, even before the giving of the law, by the double portion of manna on the 6th day and the withholding of it on the 7th (Exodus 16).If the change had been from a solar to a lunar type, some sort of instructions as to how to reckon the new month would have been necessary.The innovation was merely that “this month” was to be the first, as it had presumably not been before.Those who have Jewish neighbors know that they celebrate their New Year’s Day, which they call Rosh Hashana, in the autumn.

Though they largely disregarded the Sabbath they undoubtedly preserved the knowledge of this weekly holy day and of the lunar month—for even a slave brick maker can count seven days and can keep track of the return of the crescent.

It was the spring month of the opening Palestinian harvest, later called Nisan, as it is known to the present day (see Exodus ; ; Deuteronomy 16:1; Esther 3:7).

This was evidently a lunar month to which the Hebrews were already accustomed, because nothing is said of instituting a new kind of month.

In the lunar calendar the larger error of 10 or 11 days is allowed to run until a month is accumulated; by adding a 13th month every 2 or 3 years (7 times in 19 years) this difference is compensated for.

The Israelites did not possess the advanced astronomical knowledge required for the development of the modern solar calendar with its leap-year adjustments, but God instituted at the Exodus a simple yet efficient method of keeping the calendar year from moving permanently out of step with the seasons of the natural year.

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The month in which the Israelites left Egypt was set as the first of the year.

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