Amir khan dating boxer

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Yesterday he said he was ashamed of their feud and just wanted to be a family man.

But sources close to Khan say he started spending time with Pakistani model Alyzeh Gabol, 23, soon after he and Faryal split.

“Before they reconciled, Faryal had grown so desperate for him not to divorce her that she agreed to ‘give him space’ when he isn’t at home with her.” Khan had earlier said: “Me and Alyzeh met weeks after me and Faryal decided to leave each other.

People are saying the reason I left Faryal was for her, but it’s not true.

You aren't too bad yourself.' And flirted with the father-of-one by adding: 'You're going to be doing things you never have.' Flirty Amir was also caught trying to woo women on Instagram after he was found sending messaging and comments to model Alyzeh Gabol on the social networking platform on Friday.

Now fashion and marketing graduate Rose has come forward and said he was trying to spark a relationship with her.

And one source said: “Amir has not ended things with Alyzeh.

Over the past four months he has been to Pakistan to see her on at least four occasions, and they have also met up at least once in Dubai. Amir might say he is committed to the reunion with Faryal, but it’s all about the money for him.

He has one brother, Harry, also a boxer and two sisters.

He began to box aged 11, winning three English schools titles and three junior ABA titles, before winning gold at the 2003 Junior Olympics and gold at the 2004 European Student Championships in Lithuania.

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Pir Shaami posted a picture of him and the Bolton fighter saying Khan had invited him to his house for a Special Dawat (dinner) and to 'make dua for the forgiveness of his shortcomings'.

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