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Best open source dating script

Think about partnering with other companies and how multi-disciplinary teams can help fill gaps.

In today's technology-driven world, "innovation" has become a basic expectation.

They can keep the juice going for when you or a small team need to get away from an office -- far, far away. From the i Phone X and Alexa, to cybersecurity, AI and the future of Windows, ZDNet's Larry Dignan and Tech Republic's Jason Hiner explore the key developments to impact the business of technology this year. Intel is a storyline dating back decades, but there are signs that the two rivals are becoming closer frenemies and even collaborating.

There's a good reason for that--Nvidia is a threat to both companies.

The caveat: Intel and AMD won't be all warm and fuzzy over time. Koduri, chief architect of the Radeon Technologies Group and oversaw the development of the advanced Vega GPUs.

Longtime tech industry pundit Tim O'Reilly sat down with Information Week to talk about the future of business, society, and the enterprise.

Nvidia happens to be AMD's biggest GPU rival on PCs. Nvidia is the GPU leader in the data center and threatens Intel on artificial intelligence and high-performance computing.

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Intel wants to be the processor of data however it is used and sees Nvidia as fierce competition.

Add it up and AMD and Intel may even need each other.

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That's right, you get the full source code allowing you the freedom to modify the script and customize it however you want.

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