Egg quad updating discriminator

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Egg quad updating discriminator

The database is very comprehensive, covering many amateur radio general-interest and specialty magazines.

Didah also publishes smaller, less-expensive software packages for each of most popular ham magazines. Box 7368, Nashua, NH 03060, (telephone 603-878-3628).

However, Buckmaster was one of the first to have microfilmed, and later, scanned issues of the magazine.

From what I have found, the microfilmed versions advertised for sale over the years were purchased by most major technical colleges.

He launched 73, a competing magazine, which promoted emerging technologies as do-it-yourself projects.

Magazine articles were scanned, quality corrected, and index by an army of individuals, and collected together for Internet Archive by Jason Scott of was started by internet pioneer Brewster Kahle in 1996, with the goal of archiving internet history.

Some of their bibliographies are available in printed form, too. You used to be able to buy the complete "From Beverages Thru OSCAR" software package (a DOS program written by Rich Rosen, K2RR) from ARRL Headquarters for .

The following preface describes his work and wonderful resource.

While the resulting "Wayback Machine" is one of their best known projects, the Archive also engages in curated projects, such as the recent archive of all TV coverage on 9/11/01 at september11.

The 73 Magazine Collection on the Internet Archive can be found here: Concerning a searchable master index of articles.

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So, never fear, it is out there as several university libraries still have it available.