Example of consolidating excel workbooks

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Example of consolidating excel workbooks

Even when we pull things back together, performing the subsequent steps in development is still quicker than waiting for the refresh of the previous method. Check out the results of my side by side test: As you can see, the classic method is about 5 times slower than the new ("via split") method that I just explained above.If you have a large data set, give this technique a try and let me know what you think!For example One.xlsx, Two.xlsx, Three.xlsx, each contain information on their respective Sheet1.I need the information on Sheet1 from each workbook to be combined into a single workbook with sheets that are named from the file name of the original workbook.The ability to browse and select the files would be nice if this ever changes but if that is too difficult, just indicating the directory path in the Visual Basic code would work. Name = Wrd Array(0) total = Workbooks("import-sheets.xlsm"). As far as the resultant combined output probably ought to be a new workbook, the filename of the new workbook isn't that important. Option Explicit Private Sub Command Button1_Click() Dim directory As String, file Name As String, sheet As Worksheet, total As Integer Dim Wrd Array() As String Application. Display Alerts = False directory = "c:\test\" file Name = Dir(directory & "*.xl?? Open (directory & file Name) Wrd Array() = Split(file Name, ".") For Each sheet In Workbooks(file Name).

I have dozens of workbooks with data on the first worksheet of each.So for example would have 4 sheets named One, Two, Three, Four. gist.github.com/wviana/31d8dac7718b952e1ccf43eb3ee062be I settled some vars, to facilitate the operation, removing the need to call @Jay C the code is there, right in the macro, changing it to create new workbook or renaming sheets are simple one-liners. You have to show some effort, write some code, show it and Stack Overflow can help you diagnose and overcome concrete coding problems.In every case all information on the underlying worksheets should be copied and combined in the new Workbook as shown below. Display Alerts = True End Sub Not necessary anymore, thank you for your post. I suggest that you start solving your task by trying to understand those ~50 lines of code in the and perhaps spawn some new more concrete coding questions.I found this Macro / Add-In online that gets me close to what I need using the open files add in choice. Worksheets(total) Go To exit For: Next sheet exit For: Workbooks(file Name). So far you are doing quite well Thanks, I agree and understand some effort and a template for the problem is needed. The Open Files Add-In successfully allows me to aggregate the various Workbook's worksheets into a single workbook. Unfortunately the linked macro is not editable so I couldn't use it to guide me.

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