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Free live video chat with horney men no credit card pay

From experience, I knew this dries the mud to a nice cake and the mear threat of comming on a group of people did wonders for a citified bitches self worth... She was chained, naked, muddy, secured and on a perch on a rail in the back of a pick up, being driven she knew not where. well OK an illicit meeting with a ruggedly handsome man, a little play .... Instead of being driven in some cool convertible, with the wind in her beautiful hair, she was covered with drying mud like some wayward farm animal chained in the back of his pickup truck. her mind screamed as she perceived a small figure along the side of the road ahead as they rounded a bend ... Did your teacher keep you after school, again today? "Yes sir" Bethany answered as she scrambled rapidly up into the open truck bed. Here was a little girl, not older than 8 or 10 entering her space, sitting on the truck bed lip, not 2 feet from her own chained nudity. You know like you let me ride the pony once and ... She gnashed her teeth at the sensations, but her lips stayed shut. She had never been treated like this in her life, but she was here and now oh soo helpless ...

I got in the cab and drove around the field a while and then I made for the barn. a dildo deep up inside her person, though the country side and the damn thing was soo cold. The now icky mud was caking all over her soft pampered skin. True she would just die if they came across som.... He leaned over the seat and called out to the little girl, "Bethany! She is really an old thing and could get kinda wild for a little girl like you! He shifted positioned and began to play the pressure nozzle up her crotch and finally over her furled brown rose bud.

You are all muddy and I don't want ya messing up the inside, of the truck, besides, I know you'll love the nice horsie ride in the fresh air..." I retorted... Are you going to be a good little bitch or should I just twist this off? again.) He attached her joined hands over her head to the top of the table and spread her legs wide so her body took on a 'Y' shape on the table top, face up.

The brazen little moppet, despite the attempted evasions of Claudia, grasped the tender little bud on the right breast and gave it an exploratory twist. "He all ways lets me play with the animals he has at the farm. After a maelstrom of pinches and probes, the truck came to an abrupt halt and he called out the window. (This brought a small reaction but the manipulation of her clit soon quieted her ..

I could also smell the sexual excitement emanating from her. I don't like that..." "I Uh Well you see...." She tried to explain but I cut her off. " With that I kissed her pouting red lips and reached around and undid her bra's clasp. You will agree, I'm sure this is no way to travel quickly. With out a word, I lifted my big boot and lazily pushed her chained nudity down into the muddy plowed field. "I told ....." Wack "To stay..." wack "Where I .." wack "Put your nasty ass" wack... " she managed to snivel as I rolled her over to assure she was thoroughly covered with the sticky red mud, all over... I flicked my belt, not to hurt, just to get her attention, into a glancing touch with her right rib section. Through a sea of white, and the pounding of her brain, Claudia perceived HIM standing there smiling down on her displayed nudity. The steady pounding in her head, was now joined by a stabbing pain, deep inside the fold of her crotch.

Then stepped tightly against her soft body, and looking deeply into her eyes I could sense her fear. She looked up and held her things in front of her treasurers to 'hide' them?? How far, can a naked bitch get, chained right hand to left foot. "You better let..." she again tried to start that female assertiveness crap .. Well to please a lady I'll do many things, so I took off my big leather belt and admonished her as I stroked her where ever I saw an opening... Casually I stepped on her head, assuring that she was totally filthy. Or should I pack her little cunt solid before I take her home to her nice little sty? As My cigar was getting low and I was hungry I decided, 'rest time was over'. Quickly the unseen hands captured and then secured the right wrist to the collar also, leaving her goodies defenseless and right out there. Driving to the clandestine meeting with the mystery man. Snap Coming from the fold of her sex, he held up a long metal dog leash which now seemed to be emoting from inside her sex. "Come on piggie time to go wakies with the nice little girl ... " Then a steady pull, in the lead, compelled Claudia to scramble up to her feet and waddle forward following the metal chain.

As she exited the vehicle she tried to straighten the wrinkles of her dress. It all ways pays to invade, their personal space, right away and get rid of the small stuff first thing! I policed up the other one and flung um in the trunk and slammed it shut. Stand up and don't try any of that shy virgin shit with me." She rose unsteadily to her feet and stood there shaking with fear and forcing her hands to stay crossed over her soft round belly. As I approached the vast open field, with her nude body, I could easily see she had tried to 'run' away ... As I drove up she saw the red truck and felt she was saved! That little, stick out, pouting of the lip, yea, she had it down pat! I just nudged her deeper into the mud and this time I made sure to get her hair deep into the sticky red muck! Stepping back from the mess I and let her uncoil from her enforced position and 'rest up' for a moment. Like her normal routine she lay there while her mind remembered where she was and what had caused this. Further examination showed someone had writing something in black ink on the inner surfaces of the opposite lip!!! Maybe when she had a little nap, and awoke from this weird dream, she would be back home all safe and warm in her own warm bed, with her nice safe boring husband. Her hands sought to support her aching head, and cover her eyes, from the laser like rays of the sun. Then he reached down with something metalic in his hand and sought something else inside her stinging labia. "Now you be a good piggy and we'll ride all the way home to the you're nice warm sty." "You ... Snappp The pain in her crotch was enough to bring a violent reaction from her, but his expert rubbing of her clit soon quieted her again. She was now positioned so that her face, tits and open crotch all resided in a very small close area. News readers, who call themselves reporters use then all the time. Ah well I'll just let in some more water and when I come back in half an hour, or so, we will try another take. " I smiled while turning off the lights and equipment, then I staggered away to smoke another cigar. From this position, I let her expel most of the unwanted putrid fluid into a bucket under the frame. You have to get over all that feminist crap and show a new bitch whose boss. Carefully I reached under her and joined her ankles under the horses' 'belly' and then secured her arms behind her with another pair of cuffs. He reached under the table, retrieved and then positioned the pliers inside her denuded spread open sex ... Her legs were then bent and twisted up close to her naked body, so that her feet resided up close by her ears. In front of you're eyes is a teleprompter, like device. aaaaa..." She begged as I added the additional fluid to her intestines and then walked out on the bloated piggie. After reviewing the tape, he disconnected the hose, and rotated Claudia spasming body again 180 degrees. She hunched her shoulders over further, but the damn prod inside her, did not allow her to curl up. Feasting her eyes on Claudia's nude pulchritude the little girl broke out in a cute little smile. A bit odd, but he seemed to keep all his girl friends like this?? She remembered other times, she had gone to his barn and he let her play with .... " Bethany inquired with her big eyes delighted at the prospect as she looked into the truck's open window. Then she slumped down, lost into another ethereal plain. She was too exhausted to offer even token resistance when he manipulated her clit to a number of other cums for his own enjoyment. You are a little fat around the middle, and kind a small titted, but over all you'll make a fine piggy... The little red truck bounced and sputtered down the two dirt tracks that comprised the 'road' with it's cargo of mud coated Piggie. Later maybe a candle light dinner, a little wine, and then... he had stripped her of all clothes and possessions. Her eyes revealed, it was a little girl, walking along the muddy rutted tracks, with a down cast head. " "Yes sir." The young moppet answered quickly keeping her eyes, down cast. Climb on up in the back and I'll run you over to your road." she mentally screamed at him, but physically she kept silent and eyes down cast. The bright brown eyes of the girl finally looked up and delighted in the trucks other passenger. " "Um can I come over later and play with your new bitch some time? Next he moved around and played the stream of water, lightly, over her clit and it's hood. So she lifted her face to the sky and howled out her most intense orgasm ever ..

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" she pleaded as she started, hastily to make her way to the truck bed. So I drove piggy to the truck, and even let down the rear gate for her entrance. You could see it in her one uncoated eye, but I flicked the belt against my boot and she didn't even argue, any more. With a simple wrist movement on his part, the hole thing rotated and this time locked 90 degrees from it's origin position. To her consternation the nozzle was easily inserted deeply inside her and expanded making a tight non-loosening seal within her vitals. The screen in front of her lit up and she read in horror, "My name is Claudia -----. I am playing out this bondaage scene voluntarily with my new master. But then he rotated the frame again and reconnected the hose to the nozzle. Frantically she pleaded as she felt more cold fluids entering her by 'her back door'.

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