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If yes what are you suggestion to correcting this trend Anthony Vendryes Absolutely, the fast food industry will not go away but we need to educate people on healthy fast foods. Question So then what could you do for eczema and what do you charge for an appointment? Question How important is a healthy mind in the prevention of illness and in the healing process Anthony Vendryes Extremely important.

Anthony Vendryes The treatment depends on an evaluation of the cause of the problem in your case. Question I have sinus problems what are your recommendations Anthony Vendryes 1. There is a long list of health disorders refer to as psychosomatic diseases.

They should eat several small meals per day instead a couple large ones and should have between seven to nine servings of vegetables and fruits daily.

Question What alternative treatments are available for sinusitis and headaches? Change your diet, eliminate dairy products, tin and process foods Question Do you think that the current fast food culture is wrecking our health? 4 Balance your immune systems with herbs and vitamins, like schizandra, rosemary and vitamin C. Vendryes thank you for your comments, I must dash, I found the discussions informative, and I am in fact a physician in England. Anthony Vendryes Greetings my friend and hope I will meet you one day.

Question Doctor what food do you recommend for diabetic? Anthony Vendryes Certain herbs belonging to the Crotalaria family have been associated with cirrhosis (some liver problems). Anthony Vendryes I head the Vendryes Wellness Centre in Kingston and Montego Bay where we offer holistic and complimentary medical therapy for wide range health concerns. Question I attended a meeting a couple of weeks a back and they were saying that certain bushes we drink as teas can cause cirrhosis, any idea which ones?To start this program one has to do a body analysis this will determine your lean body mass, calorie intake for weight loss and daily protein targets.This is done by providing your weight, height, age and sex information.

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Question What are your views on banning doctors who smoke (openly) given the alleged dangers of cigarette smoking?

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