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Properties Steps" Test Case: This Test Case is used to validate the login and logout process of our target service, the Test Steps are as follows: Now let's have a look at a little more complicated scenario.This is taken from the pro-specific sample project included with soap UI Pro, it looks as follows: The goal of the Test Case is to login, do a search in a product database and add the found items to an imaginary shopping cart.User input using DTMF and speech grammars is covered in Section 3, while Section 4 covers system output using speech synthesis and recorded audio.Mechanisms for manipulating dialog control flow, including variables, events, and executable elements, are explained in Section 5.In 1998, W3C hosted a conference on voice browsers.By this time, AT&T and Lucent had different variants of their original PML, while Motorola had developed Vox ML, and IBM was developing its own Speech ML.The Test Steps are: In conjunction with the Script Library in soap UI Pro, this makes for a very powerful foundation for all your tests, as most anything can be achieved for validating the functionality of your target service(s).All Test Steps have a number of actions available from their right-click menu.

The appendices provide additional information including the Voice XML Schema, a detailed specification of the Form Interpretation Algorithm and timing, audio file formats, and statements relating to conformance, internationalization, accessibility and privacy.

These are the main Test Steps for validating the functionality of your services.

They are primarily used to either send or receive messages, which can then be validate via an standard assertion mechanism (described in Validating Messages).

Some of test steps in this article relate to standalone Soap UI Pro that has been replaced with Ready API.

To try the new functionality, feel free to download a Soap UI Pro trial.

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Its background, basic concepts and use are presented in Section 1.

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