Kannada hot chatting

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Kannada hot chatting

Here’s the example of such a message: Quite dry, isn’t it?

It’s the best thing that can be sent to a troll awaiting an emotional, human reaction.

He called himself Garande and our head of customer service, Piotr, was his favourite.

Garande started to look for his attention in 2010 and kept coming back asking about Piotr until late 2012.

Formal responses from customer service reps are demotivating for most trolls.

Trolls want to upset your agents with the things they write and expect strong, emotional reactions. We get dozens of malicious conversations every day so our Support Heroes had to master the skill of getting rid of unwanted chatters.

As a result, they bring distraction to your team’s work, decrease motivation and impact effectiveness. And not just that, they have even learned how to benefit from such chats!

A couple of impersonal messages do the job and discourage trolls from continuing. Of course our agents wouldn’t be able to respond to all such chats manually as this would take too much time.

Here is how it looks like in practice: As you see, Bret has eventually left the chat. They use a bunch of pre-saved notes which can be entered and sent in a moment (keyboard shortcuts are a great invention the mankind has came up with).

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At the same time it’s an informative message for confused visitors.

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