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"It's like when we did the Adele mashup or when we did the ' Survivor' mashup." Also set for a big Regionals performance? What are you most looking forward to seeing during "Heart"?

Vanessa Lengies was born on July 21, 1985, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada to an Egyptian mother and a German father.

the Hallmark holiday -- her middle name is Valentine, Lengies says -- and wants everyone to celebrate in grand fashion at Breadsticks, which thanks to her father, she takes over and renames the Sugar Shack for the night to host a couples' dance.

STORY: ' Glee' Producers Mulling Whitney Houston Tribute on Tuesday (Audio) co-winner Samuel Larsen's arrival in the episode. "It's a complete battle between Rory (Damian Mc Ginty) and Artie (Kevin Mc Hale) for Sugar's date to the Valentine's Day party," Lengies teases, noting that the duo will try to top one another when it comes to showering her with gifts.

Tell us about your character Kacey and what’s in store for her this season. Like Kacey, would you ever get involved with someone that you work with? So it makes total sense to end up in a romance in this environment. What advice do you have for someone going through a breakup? ” What have you learned about love and relationships since you’ve started working on the show?

Kacey was sheltered by her parents and fell in love with the first guy who loved her back. Throwing herself back in the dating scene in New York City was a bad idea. The only thing is, it’s almost always against company policy to date a co-worker. Mixology takes place over the course of one night in a bar, but we use flashbacks to tell everyone’s story of how they got to this bar, on this night, and what happened to them that made them act this way or gave them particular traits.

By Erika David From barfing in your blind date’s purse to hooking up with the bartender in the stockroom, ABC’s Mixology showcases the hilarious, embarrassing things we do in pursuit of true love.

The high-concept comedy’s season—written by The Hangover’s Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, and executive produced by Ryan Seacrest—takes place over the course of one night, documenting the cringe-inducing, and occasionally poignant, exploits of five guys and five girls in a yuppie-ish winebar.

Lengies says it remains unclear as the cast just finished filming next week's Regionals episode."That episode was very heavy with cliffhangers and ups and downs and surprises so there wasn't any mention of future relationships between Sugar and her chosen mate," she says."But who knows what the future holds." PHOTOS: ' Glee's' Unforgettable Guest Stars 5.As for what Regionals holds, Lengies says the Troubletones will return for a big mashup."The girls are back together and it's so powerful," she teases.

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