List of changesets and updating work

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List of changesets and updating work

If the given directory does not exist, it is created.If no directory is given, the current directory is used.

Mercurial records your name and address with each change that you commit, so that you and others will later be able to tell who made each change.

Because each Linux distribution has its own packaging tools, policies, and rate of development, it's difficult to give a comprehensive set of instructions on how to install Mercurial binaries.

The version of Mercurial that you will end up with can vary depending on how active the person is who maintains the package for your distribution.

Every Mercurial repository is complete, self-contained, and independent.

It contains its own private copy of a project's files and history.

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It is possible to specify an ssh:// URL as the destination. options: -e --ssh specify ssh command to use --remotecmd specify hg command to run on the remote side use "hg -v help init" to show global options ” that project, along with a historical record of the project's files.

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