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New: Any new features or functionality, listed in order of excitement.

Fixed: Anything external facing, so “something that someone has experienced at some point, or that has been reported, or that was slightly hidden, but is frankly absurd, so interesting to share”.

So in release notes — as in everything else we do — a large love for language, and a little humor, go a long way.

The point is — and this never changes — that the content is the most important thing of all. But if character starts to overwhelm content, then the game is lost. And the more we put into writing them, the more people get out of reading them.

We’ve updated Perch with some new features and bug fixes discovered through our support forums. This update is recommended for those experiencing the below issues, and those wanting to receive technical support.

As long as there’s been software to update, people have been writing notes to tell you what’s gone into those updates.

For the most part the readership was small — mostly IT managers — and the notes perfunctory.

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There’ll be a bit of back and forth with the developers about anything that isn’t quite clear.

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