Query based inserting or updating of blob Taiwan sex web cam online chat

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Query based inserting or updating of blob

Whether or not it actually does that is beyond my knowledge, but a man can dream can't he?

Basically I want to update three out of four columns if the record exists, If it does not exists I want to INSERT the record with the default (NUL) value for the fourth column.Eric's definitely the best answer and deserves more votes.That being said, I think that by pointing out the problem, I've contributed a little bit to finding the good answer (Eric's answer came later, and builds upon the sample sql tables in my answer). Clearly your answer was over a week before Eric's, but you both answered the question nearly two years after it was asked. Eric B’s answer is OK if you want to preserve just one or maybe two columns from the existing row.01ab89EF; if this assumption fails then NULL will be returned.The return type is Text, and could be one of: image/gif, image/png, image/jpeg, image/tiff, image/svg xml, application/xml, application/zip, application/pdf.

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REPLACE INTO page ( id, name, title, content, author, date_added) SELECT old.id, "about", "About this site", old.content, 42, IFNULL(old.date_added,"21/05/2013") FROM singleton LEFT JOIN page AS old ON = "about"; The best approach I know is to do an update, followed by an insert.