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Sexchart sites

People of 54 and above have a sexual intercourse around 50 to 55 times, yearly speaking.

A girl met a boy, and then she met another boy, and then several other boys, all of whom met boys and girls of their own, who in turn met their own girls and boys.But she said that many times when people tell her a hook-up didn't happen, they're lying, and she finds out about it. I was like, 'who are you trying to hide it from? One guy wrote in an e-mail: "if yer source doesn't come clean, 6 kneecaps will cease to function. "The point of it for me is to make people angry," she said. This isn't a 'you got this person pregnant and they had to get an abortion' chart."But since the chart is just ASCII, and since the links don't specify what exactly transpired between two people, looking at the Sexchart can set your mind on wild adventures."People get very, very upset – and it cracks me up because it's ASCII. The chart does, in fact, document some not-so-conventional relationships.("They know who they are.")So Daelnar thinks that your reaction to the chart depends a lot on what filth is running through your head."It's a lot in the way you look at it," she said, suggesting that the chart can be a neat little Rorschach device."Somebody with 20 links might mean they've kissed 20 people in their whole life," she explained.

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Daelnar lives in Santa Cruz, California, and though she is not herself a geek, she seems to know their kind well enough."I had dated a lot of guys in the ' Internet scene,'" Daelnar said.