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But unlike a nuke, the fundamental architecture of today’s best AI makes the margin between success and failure fuzzy and unknowable, and at the end of the day accuracy doesn’t matter if some autocrat likes the idea and takes it.

But understanding why experts say that this particular instance is flawed can help us more fully appreciate the implications of this technology.

“And then I thought I should read the paper, so then I started reading the paper and remained outraged.” Excluding citations, the paper is 36 pages long, far more verbose than most AI papers you’ll see, and is fairly labyrinthian when describing the results of the authors’ experiments and their justifications for their findings.Rather, it should focus on permanent features like the length of the nose or width of the face, because those stay consistent when recognizing a person.The authors say this is necessary because, since the pictures are from a dating site, gay and straight people might use different facial expressions, camera angles, or poses to seem attractive based on the sex they’re trying to attract.The job of the AI researcher has flipped from about 10 years ago.Before deep learning became the norm, researchers had to specifically tell algorithms what patterns to find: look for the distance between the eyebrow and nose, the lips and chin, etc. Now the process is more akin to whittling down distractions for machines, like those pesky white collars.

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