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Venue: Palace of Brigades (Royal Palace)Time: 19.00Description: Ceremonial runway, Albanian traditional cultural show and cocktail-buffet.

Depending on the companies’ profiles, we are open to organize special events such as demonstrations, degustation and gastronomic taste-shows (i.e.

Therefore, we would gladly answer to every request we receive from you such as: Hotel accommodation such as the best rated hotels such as Sheraton Tirana Hotel and Towers, a splendid five star hotel in the Green Park area of the capital, very few steps walking from the Palace of Congresses, and with very special rates for our exhibitors; and Tirana Intenational Hotel situated in the main square of the ...

How do I keep my strength, maintain my muscle mass and not put on tooooo much weight while relaxing, taking it slow with my family, not exercising religiously and eating all that I want to whenever, wherever?? When my PT suggested carrying extra weight when walking to get some extra training in during my hols, I don't think he had this in mind 😬😂😂🇯🇵🌸 #sakuraharuka #ASHx Japan #aifitnessdiary #trngwithb #motherhood #親バカ #日本 #travelwithkids #sheaintheavy #ig_japan #momlife Before I left, Superman pleaded with me to tryyyy not to go crazy with my food since I tend to overindulge on holidays.

He's always wary when I go on trips since I left an impression on him during my HK holiday last year when I "ate the whole of Hong Kong" as he put it, and gained 3kg in 5 days #oops He still wanted me to enjoy my holiday though and gave me some leeway...

This time, we decided to not go to any gyms to work out in, and just planned to train in our apartment using mainly the TRX suspension band and body-weight exercises.

I also brought along one red resistance band, my skipping rope and a peanut ball for rolling/ self-massage especially for my back.

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  1. The PDF files are available via the internet only to students and faculty." didn't look like there will ever be an official digital archive of this magazine available for purchase.